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Thunderbird 3 performance slowdowns

Ever since I moved over to Thunderbird 3 in Windows, I’ve noticed slowdowns when trying to read my IMAP mail. I’ve turned off synchronization so that everything is done via our CentOS imap servers running dovecot and haproxy. Faking out … Continue reading

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Thunderbird reply quick tip

Thunderbird tip my coworker told me. Usually when I reply to an e-mail, I hit the reply button and then delete out a bunch of the text that is now inline in my new e-mail. Now I can skip this … Continue reading

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Python script from e-mail with html headers

I got an e-mail today with a python script attached to it. I tried running it and got a whole bunch of errors and a stack trace. After looking at the python script, I noticed that either my Thunderbird or … Continue reading

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Windows Open Source Software

Here are a couple of open source software that I use on my Windows box at work: Firefox 3 – This is a web browser like Internet Explorer that I’ve been using since it was called Firebird. It’s a great … Continue reading

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