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I was looking for a file encryption tool that’s like axcrypt for my unix systems. I didn’t want to use crypt because of what people say how weak it is. I stumbled upon ccrypt though which uses the Rijndael cipher … Continue reading

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sunsolve frustration

Rant on: I was trying to download a patch today (137148-04) from sunsolve.sun.com but I got denied saying that I didn’t have a valid Sun Service Plan. I checked my settings and it showed that I’m good up to September … Continue reading

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Tape disappearing/reappearing in fabric

So I came into work and fell into a problem with backups. I noticed that my jobs have been running for 2 days and haven’t finished yet so I figured something was wrong. Checking the logs, I saw that  fctl: … Continue reading

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iozone on solaris 10 amd64 i86pc

Trying compile iozone 3.319 benchmark tool on Solaris 10 amd64 just simply did not work out of the box like I hoped. Here were my errors: gmake Solaris10gcc-64   Building iozone for Solaris10gcc-64   gcc -O -c  -Dunix -DHAVE_ANSIC_C -DASYNC_IO -D__LP64__ \ … Continue reading

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Solaris packages

So it looks like I used the instructions on the SunFreeware’s website to creating my packages. Once I got going, it was pretty easy to do! I did run into a problem and it was basically I had two pkginfo’s … Continue reading

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Looking into pkg’ing

I’m going to try learning how to create packages (pkg) for our Solaris machines so that we can use it more effectively with stuff at work. Mainly having GNU versions of a lot of software (cut and sed for instance) … Continue reading

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NFS4 kern.info stale mounts hang /var/mail

So we have an dovecot imap server (a container on a x4100) with the spool files nfs shared to it on /var/mail. Recently we’ve had some problems on this server where the nfs mount would hang. Here’s the error we … Continue reading

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sunblade smbus: [ID 639315 kern.warning] WARNING: i2c0 smbus not idle. Unable to reset 0

== UPDATE 2/17/2009 == Looks like it came back on today once when I created a zpool on the machine and exported it out. Not sure if that’s the direct reason but that’s the only thing I’ve done to it … Continue reading

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solaris sparc kern errors

So after creating my fmdump script, I found out that it did not assist in finding a fan problem on one of our servers. Usually I do a walkthrough of our data center to look for the amber health warnings … Continue reading

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New Sun scat 5.1!

The new Solaris Crash Analysys Tool 5.1 has been released early! Check out the download here and also the blog for the new features.

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