IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

I went ahead and created this page because it looks like there will be a lot of information that can’t be covered in one or two blog posts. This page will track my progress from migrating over from EMC Networker tape backups to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition using tape and disk backups along with deduplication.

Current Status:
Using TSM for regular backups to a file class and then manually running a migration to tape when it gets near to full. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get old database backups to expire and also how to get my tapes to do reclaimation.

Management Interface

Command line interface or a web interface via the free IBM Administration Center.

Command Line

q event * *

q event * * begind=-1 f=d

q stgpool

q pro

q se

q occ servername

Admin Center


Tape Library



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