Perl day 1: arguments

So here’s day one of my journey to learning perl. The reason I’m learning it is because there’s a lot of perl used at my work place. I can sort of read it, but I think it’s good to actually be able to code it as well.

The first lesson I thought would be good is how to accept arguments. I always feel like this is a good way to start because I can mess around and toss different kinds of strings and numbers into the program easily. The link for today’s code is from How to read command-line arguments with Perl

The website is pretty good about explaining that the arguments are stored in an array called ARGV and can reference the elements by using $ARGV[numberStartingFromZero]

From the sample I’ve noticed that the path for perl is at the top just like in python and shell scripts I’ve written before.

Another thing to notice is that $ is used when creating and accessing variables, even arrays.

Comments look like the common in most other dynamic languages and uses the # symbol.

Lastly, $#ARGV will get you what the last number of the array is. So if there’s only one element in the array, it will be in the 0th place.

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