puppet at home

After talking with a coworker today, I decided that I would go ahead and use puppet on my netbook. I don’t constantly distrohop, but when I do, it would be nice to have puppet automatically install all the packages I use commonly for me. Today, I installed puppet and did a quick ownership change to start on my Ubuntu 10.10 UNR install:

edit /etc/hosts with a cname puppet to localhost: localhost puppet

Install the packages:

sudo apt-get install puppet puppetmaster
sudo chown puppet:puppet /var/lib/puppet

Put the following code at /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp

# site.pp
file { "/etc/sudoers":
owner => root, group => root, mode => 440

Test run:
puppetd --test

This will make sure that the sudoers file is 440 and owned specifically by the right group. You can change the group to be puppet for fun and run the puppetd –test to see it change it right before your eyes!

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