Mini review of the Dell ST2410 Monitor

Dell ST2410 Monitor


  1. HDMI, vga, and DVI ports.
  2. 1080p resolution
  3. $189 when I purchased it.
  4. Audio in and audio out plug.
  5. If you connect a device, like a PS3 to the hdmi port and tell it pass audio through, it will go out the audio out plug. So I have a set of computer speakers connected with the standard 35mm jack into the Audio out plug on the monitor and a 35mm cable from my computer to the audio in. When I’m in vga mode it will take the audio from my computer, but when I move it to the hdmi mode, it gets the audio from the PS3 through my computer speakers! Total win!
  6. Works fine in Ubuntu through the VGA port at 1080p resolution. Not sure why but the DVI only worked on the Windows 7 box.


  1. Doesn’t come with a height adjustable stand.
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