Vista laptop toshiba A215-S7428

I got hold of a Vista laptop that has some weird problems both in the regular boot and the safe mode:

  1. Uninstalling programs reappear after reboot.
  2. Installing Windows Updates don’t persist after reboot
  3. Any changes to the desktop, like creating a folder on the desktop, reverts back after a reboot.
  4. Can’t change the Date/Time, says “Unable to continue. Yo do not have permission to perform this task. Please contact your computer administrator for help.”
  5. An endless BSOD when not booting in safe mode. I managed to get rid of this somehow.
  6. Last updates were in Februrary 2009.
  7. Last system restores were from February also.

If I load it up on a Ubuntu live cd and mount the drive, I can add stuff to the desktop that will become persistent when I go back into Vista. 

I’ve also taken the hard drive out and put it on another desktop and run some root kit/virus scanners on it and they haven’t shown anything. Only thing I can think of is somekind of kernel rootkit that just can’t be detected.

Hopefully, I can get a recovery dvd to return it back to the original factory settings.

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  1. Lilly Bell says:

    i am only using free virus scanners like avast and avira but they seem to be great tools though”-~

  2. i always use free virus scanners on the internet coz they are quite good too-*-

  3. for me, the best scanner is avast antivirus and kaspersky. they can really find those annoying malwares`~’

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