Solaris 10 patching: No patches required

We ran into a problem where we weren’t getting any newer updates than a certain patch. Smpatch always kept saying:


smpatch analyze

No patches required.


I know there were new patches because Update 6 came out and there had to be a patch to bring the kernel up to the same level. We are using patchsvr too that was setup. I finally found these commands fix it from this forum post:

On the patchsvr:

# cd /var/sadm/spool/patchsvr/ 
# ls | grep -v all_signed | xargs rm

And on your clients:

# find /var/sadm/spool/cache/ -type f -exec rm {} \;

After that, I was able to download a whole slew of patches! Especially one that fixed our patch updating as well:

121118-15 SunOS 5.10: Sun Update Connection System Client 1.0.10

119254-59 SunOS 5.10: Install and Patch Utilities Patch

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