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Rant on: I was trying to download a patch today (137148-04) from but I got denied saying that I didn’t have a valid Sun Service Plan. I checked my settings and it showed that I’m good up to September 2009 so that can’t be the problem. I try another Sun Patch (137148-03) and no dice either. I was able though to download a patch cluster, but it doesn’t have anything in it that I needed! So as a result, I go use the feedback link and let them know about the dead downloads. When I click submit, I get a big fat:

Email failed

What the heck! Why does Sun need to protect their patches so much and why do I need to have a Service Plan to get some patches! Do they really get that muc hmore money from people who just want patches?

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  1. svrocket says:

    Patches ain’t free just ask SUSE or Red Hat or Oracle.

  2. Ryan says:

    I haven’t worked with those other companies, but I can imagine the same treatment. Since I posted this last, I do believe that Sun will give out security patches for free and the patches that fix bugs are the ones you need a service plan for.

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