sunblade smbus: [ID 639315 kern.warning] WARNING: i2c0 smbus not idle. Unable to reset 0

== UPDATE 2/17/2009 ==

Looks like it came back on today once when I created a zpool on the machine and exported it out. Not sure if that’s the direct reason but that’s the only thing I’ve done to it today. Weird


Had the following warning message popup every 1 minute on a Solaris 10 sunblade box I have in my office:

smbus: [ID 639315 kern.warning] WARNING: i2c0 smbus not idle.  Unable to reset 0

One way of not filling up the logs was to just turn off system-log. This is a sucky solution because then system-log isn’t on anymore!
It looks like prtdiag -v that the sensor for the cpu doesn’t work since I get (there’s nothing under status):
Temperature sensors:
Location       Sensor              Status
+em-board/cpu0 Die                 
Looking up on google, found an article about picld being the one that controls it and sending out the warning message. Since I believe I have all the latest patches for picld, I decided to just shut if off:
root@ryandor08:44:45 / 
$ svcs -p picl               
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online          8:32:34 svc:/system/picl:default
                8:32:34    11379 picld
svcadm disable svc:/system/picl:default
The downfall of not having picl running? I can’t run prtdiag -v anymore, which is fine considering that this machine is super old and nothing criticl is running on it. 
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