Some more bads for OpenSolaris 2008.11

Here some more bad things so far for my OpenSolaris install:

  • Bootup time takes forever. I haven’t oficially timed it but it just feels really slow.
  • SUNWrdesktop packaged doesn’t work so hot for me. When I rdp into my Windows XP box, the arrow keys don’t work anymore (instead output the numpad keys). After I compiled rdesktop from source, it works perfectly fine! I had to do the same with my Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex as well (copy and paste didn’t work).
  • I’m using a GX620 for the hardware and unfortunately, using Gnome to power off the computer doesn’t work. My computer stayed on after it sync’d the file system! The work around so far is just to use /usr/sbin/poweroff from a root terminal.
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