OpenSolaris 2008.11 installed

So I installed OpenSolaris 2008.11 over my Windows 7 box at work. I was thinking about getting rid of my Ubuntu Inrepid Ibex at home and running OpenSolaris 11 full time, but decided to check it out first at work. I think I remember 2008.05 not working on my hardware and hopefully the same thing won’t happen again this time. 

So far, the things I like:

  1. Package manager is really easy to use – basically like Synaptic in Ubuntu, nice little gui interface that you click around and look for software to install.
  2. Boot Environment easy upgrade – doing these upgrades are just a couple clicks and are good to go. Pretty much like in linux where you can boot into different kernel levels.
  3. Lots of gnu packages installed by default (in places like /usr/gnu/bin) and such. 

And the dislikes:

  1. Had to install flash/shockwave for Firefox! I thought in the previous versions this just came in default. It was no problem to installed but it sucked to it (and it’s version 9).
  2. Package manager takes awhile to load up. Everytime you load up the package manager, it feels like it refreshes and updates the entire repository and takes forever.
  3. Timeslider! Automatic snapshots for the zfs filesystems and just a nice gui to go back and look at previous versions. Bravo!

After I start using it more, I’ll see if there are any more things that I like and dislike.

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