NFS4 stale mounts hang /var/mail

So we have an dovecot imap server (a container on a x4100) with the spool files nfs shared to it on /var/mail. Recently we’ve had some problems on this server where the nfs mount would hang. Here’s the error we got the last time it hung:

Feb 10 15:35:10 imapserver nfs: [ID 236337] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: spoolserver][Mntpt: /export/disk00/zones/imap2/root/var/mail]NFS op OP_CLOSE got error NFS4ERR_STALE causing recovery action NR_STALE.

Feb 10 15:35:10 imapserver nfs: [ID 286389] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: spoolserver][Mntpt: /export/disk00/zones/imap2/root/var/mail]File dovecot.index (rnode_pt: fffffe81d7443b58) was closed due to NFS recovery error on server spoolserver(failed to recover from NFS4ERR_STALE NFS4ERR_STALE)

Feb 10 15:35:10 imapserver nfs: [ID 941083] NOTICE: NFS4 FACT SHEET: 

Feb 10 15:35:10 imapserver  Action: NR_STALE 

Feb 10 15:35:10 imapserver  NFS4 error: NFS4ERR_STALE    

We turned off NFS4 and went back to NFS3 but I don’t think it’ll help. Hopefully we’ll see what happens. Oh and the server is Solaris 10 update 6.

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2 Responses to NFS4 stale mounts hang /var/mail

  1. Marcel says:


    Did you find a solution for this problem? I have exactly the same.



  2. Ryan says:

    We never did find a problem. We ended up getting an old Dell and used that to be the imap server. I was never able to reproduce the problem in a non production environment. Though the problem did start happening when we brought the RAM from 8GB to 4GB.

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