Windows 7 after usage

So after using Windows 7 for a few days, I am getting used to the taskbar and some of the convenient short cuts that you can do inside. Some of these I learned by just doing stuff and some from Paul’s Win Super Site:

  • Dragging a window to the left or right will “dock” it there. Dragging a window to the Top will maximize it. Can also do the same by pressing the “windows” key and using the arrow keys left, right, up (maximize), down (minimize)
  • Shaking a window will cause all the other windows to minimize. Doing it again will make them all reappear. I actually find myself using this a lot ;).
  • The taskbar (the default) is just cool. It’s easy for me to navigate through everything I find that I use my mouse more often than the keyboard. I’ll switch back to just a keyboard when I can find a program that does virtual desktops in Windows 7.
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