Solaris 10 update 6 (200811) Sparc Jumpstart problem

So recently, Solaris 10 update 6 (200811) was release and it looks really good because now you can boot off zfs instead of ufs. Swithching up our jumpstart on the i86pc was pretty easy to do, all I had to do was point to the new dvd location in dhcp and all was well.

Unfortunately for me, the sparc side wasn’t so easy to do.  I finally managed to get it to boot up (darn my noobness) but my host is having a problem getting the ldap profile. I read some posts on the forums and they mainly just point to dhcp not be turned on this time around. I did the recommended deletion of the netmask entry in the sysidcfg but to no avail yet.

I’ll try it on a another server that I have installed recently with update 5 and see if I get the same problem. Then at least I can see if it is just my one hostname or something to do with the jumpstart.

== Update ==
So today, after taking out the network information from the sysidcfg (took out the default route and the netmask) I was able to get further into the jumpstart and actually install. I still had problem looking up into ldap (gave a Name Service Error that that it couldn’t find the specific host), but I think it’s unrelated and is something wrong with the subnet it’s being jumpstarted on (other subnets work fine without a hitch).

== Final Update ==

After consulting with my boss and my coworker, I discovered that when doing a jumpstart with an ldap profile (in the sysidcfg), you need to have a dns entry in ldap (ou=hosts for us) for it to work. Otherwise, you’ll get the same errors I had above.

Adding the host into ldap worked and I only had to do a little cleaning up of changing it from using dhcp to static. This was done by just doing the following:

  • removed /etc/dhcp.<interface>
  • added /etc/hostname.<interface>
  • added /etc/defaultrouter
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