Post about wafl.dir.size.max

Found the following link that talks about wafl.dir.size.max at netapp:;jsessionid=7D859DAC2D127BAF4C4D53A5157E060D

The main thing to take from it is:

Never increase maxdirsize beyond 3% of physical memory.A volume with 30.72MB maxdirsize can hold up to 416808 CIFS files or 1,006,632 NFS files.

Calc below:

Memory * max files per wafl_dir_block / conversion = # of files

31457.28KB * 128 wafl_name_dir_entires * 1MB/4KB = 1,006,632 nfs files

With maxdirsize of 31,457, a directory can hold 1,006,632 files without CIFS enabled.

Important :

#The most important point is to avoid a high number of files in a single

directory.  Create sub-directory structures and place files at
the bottom of the directory tree.  Less than 1000 files per directory is ideal.
# Avoid deep directory structures.  A depth of less than 5 is ideal, anything above 8 or 9 results in poor performance.

All around great info! I used to just estimated how big I want to make the max.dir.size (10MB) and now I can with enthusiasm be defiant in my choice.

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