gzip gzip’d files

The other day I was snooping around using gzip to see if gzipping a file, and then gzipping it again would actually cause it to be compressed twice.  I used the following command on the solaris machine:

/usr/bin/gzip -qfS.ryangz /tmp/taco

As a result, I was left with a /tmp/taco.ryangz file that was compressed. Now if I run the same exact command on the new file:

/usr/bin/gzip -qfS.ryangz /tmp/taco.ryangz

The taco.ryangz stays the same! Now if I was smart I wouldn’t have done the -q option and saw the message saying that the file was unchanged because it already had the .ryangz suffix. Oh well, some things are more obvious that others sometimes.

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