Broken emc networker

== Update 8/05/09 ==

After working with EMC since last September, they have finally fixed my issue. I got a copy of the nsrmmdbd binary for which fixes my problem! Now I can stop and start networker without having to use mmrecov. Expect to see an updated Networker download soon.

== End Update ==

== Update ==

Version 7.4.4 didn’t work but the EMC engineer said it worked for him (though he wasn’t able to reproduce the problem). Maybe there’s something else that is different that could be causing the initial problem.

== END Update ==

Currently I’ve been suffering an incomplete Emc networker product. In September, I upgrade from 7.3.2 to 7.4.2 to fix a bug where I couldn’t restore data from more than 2 tapes at a time. Since upgrading, restores have worked wonderfully and the gui is much more functional. Unfortunately, I have unable to restart the networker service because when it starts up, nsrmmdb crashes out and I don’t have a media db anymore.

The workaround?

  1. Make sure a recent bootstrap is available (and the bootstrap tape loaded in a tape slot).
  2. Stop networker
  3. Rename your mm folder to mm.<date>
  4. Start up networker
  5. mmrecov
  6. When mmrecov is done, use it as is. DO NOT restart networker like it might say in the closing of mmrecov.

Much sadness. Version 7.5 did come out but I don’t think it’s going to help. I think my media database is fried and I probably should start all over slowly. On a different backup server.

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