If you have anything that you think is remotely important (pictures, videos, documents), you better make sure that you have it backed up somewhere other than your computer. For me, I tried burning stuff to DVDs but it got really time consuming and was hard to neatly fit stuff onto the discs. It really is a good way because it’s portable and it should last a few years.

The real backup I have though is literally on another PC. Not only my stuff, but the stuff on my parents PC as well! Here are the specs of my backup machine:

  • Intel Pentium 3 800Mghz
  • 20GB main disk running Open Solaris 2008.11
  • 80GB slave disk formatted with zfs

The zfs drive is made into one zpool with two zfs filesystems:

  1. documents
  2. pictures

Now why did I divide it up that way? Simply put, I can compress the data on the documents side, but all my pictures/videos are in JPEG format and AVI so there’s no point in trying to compress the files. I also put up another flag so that it makes two copies of everything I write in there to avoid any silent bit rot. I’ve seen it happen at work before and it really sucks (yay zfs scrub). Good thing at work I make tape backups so I was able to restore the files just fine and here I am mainly relying on my 2nd copy to be the backup and my computer to hold the main files.

One of these, maybe even tomorrow, I’ll try using the cifs share option on my zfs pool so that I can mount it easily onto my parent’s PC. As for my linux box, it’s easier to run an rsync and have that check everything for me ;).

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