HP Proliant DL365 G5 crashes, reboots, and networking failures – Part 2

An update to my previous post that I was handling a few ago. After doing the driver update, the problems still occured of network losing and panics. The next thing I tried was swapping the hard drive into another DL365.

The problems followed the hard drive unfortunately. While the same time I was running stress tests on the old server and it was responding just fine. I even ran iperf and stress at the same time and still was robust. The instant I ran stress and made it page a file on the "new" server, it panic'd and rebooted! 

Recently the server's network failed again so I took this time to rule out the hard drive. What I did was make a dd copy of the hard drive and dd'd it back onto the orginal server (with the different hard drive). Now I'm running on the original server except for the hard drive. Also on this server's hardware, I went ahead and reinstalled new firmware for the broadcom NIC and the Hard Drive controller which solaris didn't like and I had to give the bootenv.rc a new device path using these instructions

Now as soon as the server booted up, it panicked on starting up one of the svcs! Fantastic! 

The other day, the network died out again, so I took this oppurtunity to install the gldv3 driver of the Broadcom nic. Looks like in the fixes it reports "Resolved an issue with large transmits which could cause all transmits to stop" which sounds like my little issue. I'll update when I  know it's fixed.

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2 Responses to HP Proliant DL365 G5 crashes, reboots, and networking failures – Part 2

  1. Tony Vaccaro says:

    Please email me if you found the resolution to this issue; I am currently experiencing the exact same thing on a 385 G2… avaccaro@sovereignbank.com

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Tony, after updating the Broadcom driver and the CPQary3 driver I haven’t had a problem. After updating the CPQary3 driver though, I had to boot into the failsafe and fix the vfstab because the hard drive got assigned a new /dev entry.

    Be sure to make a backup before messing with the CPQary3 just in case.

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