Restoring from multiple tapes

I run into a little problem when I was just trying to do a simple restore from tapes. The target directory was only 4GB and was able 10,000 files so no big deal or anything. I decided to just restoring it the local disk on my backup server (EMC Legator Networker 7.3.2 for Unix I believe).

I go and find the tapes: one offline and offsite, the other three online. I quickly find the directory I need to restore as well as set up the browse time and the relocation (to my local disk). I go and hit the start button and bam! All is good and dandy right? Incorrect!

I get an odd error that I haven't seen before:

rpc error: A network connection could not be established with the host


This is weird because all the backups I've been doing have been fine so far. I try again and the same error pops up. Somewhat bewildered, I was trying to think of why this message would appear. I ruled out some kind of networking error because I'm restoring to the local disk on the network server (I later snoop'd the traffic and found nothing too).

The next step was just to try restoring something else that wasn't in the same directory. I tried one file in the parent directory and it worked just fine which means that my backup server still works thank goodness.

Next, try one file inside the troubled directory. Bam, worked just fine. Using the divide and conquer technique, I restored half the directory and then tried the second half. The second half failed so I split the remining in half again and eventually found out that one of the directories was causing the problem.

In nwrecover I selected this directory to be restored and took a look at the Volumes option. It needed all four tapes to restore this one little directory. This had me thinking if it was because I need four tapes to restore and I only had two tape drives to use. So as an experiment, I unmounted both tape drives and attempted the restore. Both drives mounted their associated tapes and proceeded to rewind to the location on the tape to restore from. As soon as the tape was done rewinding, same error occurs as above!

I tried to restore of the subdirectories that used three tapes and that also failed with the same error. I tried another subdirectory that only needed two tapes and that worked perfectly. Wanting to get this data back to the user, I proceeded to hand pick the directories to restore to make sure that there was always at most two tapes needed to restore from. After a long time, it was eventually revcovered and I was quite tired from that tedious work.

Tomorrow I'll try sending in a help report to EMC and see if they got an answer for that. The only time I found the same error in their support forum, it had to do with CIFS and windows 2003 or something.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update this entry later with something better than a work around.


=== Update ===

Looks like ugrading to 7.4.2 has fixed this problem! Now it looks like I'm having problems with nsrck and scanner in this new version.

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