The secure shell is what ssh stands for and it is primarily used to get shell access to other linux/unix machines. Version 2 of ssh is the one to use because I believe it is more cryptographically strong than version 1. I may need some citation here to be entirely sure.

Most linux and unix machines will have ssh installed already so that you can connect to other ones that are running sshd. This ssh is great at accessing remote machines to either perform maintenance or to kick start some jobs for that server to do.

The basic options I use are:

  • -l = login username
  • -x = prevent x11 packet forwarding
  • -X = enable x11 packet forwarding

So for example, to get boxa from machineB I'll use:

machineB:$ ssh boxa -l ryan

If I wanted to forward X11 packets so I can run a gui app from the remote computer, I would do:

machineB:$ ssh -X boxa -l ryan

When I connect, it will prompt me for my password for that machine and then I'm done! If you are using a Windows Box, you can download a free ssh client at putty's website.

The options are in the gui, except you have to click through to enable the X11 forwarding:

On the left Pane, go to Connection -> SSH -> X11 and there's a button to enable X11 fowarding!



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