Sorry for the late update! I've been busy the last two weeks and just slowly typed up this post.

This is a great tool for windows from the folks at Sysinternals to help manage your windows network remotely.  Psexec allows you to remotely execute commands on other machines using your login credentials.

For example, I usually use it to run a .bat script that sets a computer from static IP to DHCP. Here's the code for the bat script setDHCPip.bat to be executed on Windows XP SP2:

netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" source=dhcp

Now to make it easy, save this bat file in the same director you have psexec.exe saved at. Hit Start Menu-> Run -> cmd and cd to where psexec.exe is located. Now run the following command:

psexec.exe \\computerName -c -f -d setDHCPip.bat


  • -c = copies our program (setDHCPip.bat) to the remote computer
  • -f = copies it even if it is located there already
  • -d = don't wait for the program to finish

Instead of doing \\computerName, you could use @file which will execute our program on a list of computers instead!

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