Power of Warranty

Working for awhile now and I can finally see the benefits of having a good warranty. I’ll admit that for my own personal stuff, I didn’t care about a warranty of a product and would just get a new better product than trying to get a replacement.

Change the situation with a few hundred desktop machines and hundreds of servers and the real benefit of the warranty comes into play. It’s nice to let a company’s tech support know of a problem and have them next day ship a replacement part out to you. We had a lab full of defective motherboards that were replaced by a tech that came onsite. I can't imagine the pain of trying to buy replacement boards for all those machines even though I have replaced a room full of motherboards myself before.

Moral of the story: Get a good long warranty if you are buying products in bulk. I’ve noticed that most desktops have failing products in the first and third year of their warranties (mainly hard drives and ram). Upgrade to a higher plan if you are planning to use the server for critical services which can get you 4 hour response time.

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