Opensolaris Indiana 2008.05 – Live CD

So I finally got around to installing Open Solaris Indiana 2008.05 onto my machines. I should say machine, since it only works on my old Dell Dimension 4100 (my current Open Solaris Nevada Build 74 machine) and not on my desktop or laptop. So let's get this part going:


What's really nice about Project Indiana is that everything is down to one cd. On the Project Nevada builds that I have used before, they were 5 CDs to install those version of Open Solaris. Now if you can start the Live CD, like I have on my Dimension, you'll be brought up onto the Gnome Desktop and it kind of reminds me of Fedora. Now with most Live CDs, you can run some programs like GIMP or Firefox directly in the environment without installing it.

Also on the desktop, there is a Device Driver Utility which will check your system and see if Open Solaris has the drivers needed for Open Solaris to completely run. This can also download more drivers from the IPS (image package system) which will automatically install after getting them from IPS. 

The installer used by Open Solaris Indiana is far superior than the ones for Nevada. The interface is very simple and easy to follow like in most linux installers.  On Nevada though, it was really painful, just be glad you'll never have to see that.

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